Food… etc.

I’m on day 4 of the Whole30 Paleo ‘diet’.  Instead of tweeting/fbing all the shit I’m thinking and figuring out, I figured I’d do it here.  

So far, it’s been fairly easy. Sure, there are cravings, but that is to be expected when you stop eating sugar and gluten I suppose.  

I have missed gum, for sure. I decided maybe I could chew on radishes instead. Heh. They’re spicy and fresh, why not?  Maybe there should be radish flavored gum. There probably is, somewhere. ew. 

The biggest thing is that I had to cut out the Crystal Light I drink every morning for caffeine input.  I switched to this from Code Red Mountain Dew a few years ago after my sis introduced me to it, and it’s been great.  So, coffee it is, and i’m not a coffee fan. 😛  Looks like earl grey tea is ok as well, so maybe I’ll try to make some tea up this week. 




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