Being Erica

Being Erica

Why am I such a sucker for Canadians? I’m not sure, be it music or television or what have you, they make me squee. That sounds kind of creepy, so let’s just say, I’m a fan. 

If you haven’t seen Being Erica, it’s a very well done show that only stuck around four seasons. I heard rumblings before it was canceled about it being remade for US viewers, and that made me sad because I thought the Canadian version was so well done.  

Erica is a 30something finding her way and meets a therapist who lets her relive certain times in the past, mostly things she regrets.  She of course always learns something along the way.  

Only the first two seasons are available on Amazon Instant, and the first three seasons are on Hulu, which also has extra content from the series. Make sure you have a few days available, as I sat through a few seasons at once because it was so addicting.


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