New Music Tuesday- Tegan and Sara, Lisa Loeb

no fairy tale

After several years (ok, eight) and a few kid centric albums, Lisa Loeb has a new rock album. No Fairy Tale delves right back into what Lisa does best from what I’ve previewed, I’m looking forward to picking it up. Lisa even has two songs written by Tegan and Sara on this album, and they also have a new album– Heartthrob.

Looks like Amazon is offering the new AutoRip feature on the new T+S disc, which is rather cool. They sent me 60some songs that I’d bought cds of over the years.  Too little, too late, perhaps. I still think it’s convenient, and still like buying physical copies of some of the cds I listen to, if only because I’m kind of a completist, and if I already have the rest of the albums on cd, it’s nice to complete the package.



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