Magic Beans cool your coffee and keep it warm for hours

Magic Beans cool your coffee and keep it warm for hours

What originally started out as a Kickstarter idea – where they blew away their $9,500 dollar goal and went on to raise over 300k, if i’d found out about the Coffee Joulies then, I’d have jumped at the chance to buy into a 20pack for reselling. 

The inventors were just on Shark Tank and now the joulies are backordered on their own website and are no longer for sale on Think Geek because they are sold out.  Looks like there are only two more on Amazon currently.  I grabbed them as a Christmas gift for my girl from Think Geek, and she likes them a lot.  Some of the reviews on the Amazon pages aren’t very favorable, but it doesn’t seem like the complainers read the instructions.  

If you grab these when they come back into stock, let me know how you like them.


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